Get To Know Our Chicago Therapists

Wellington Counseling Group is comprised of a team of psychotherapists of various backgrounds, credentials, and areas of expertise and interest. Our diverse team allows us to provide the most inclusive and compassionate care for all types of patients. This includes emotional and psychological support for individuals, couples, and families who are navigating the challenges of a constantly evolving life.

The Benefit Of A Team Approach To Therapy

With the permission of our patients, our team of therapists collaborate, adding value to the treatment experience. In addition to internal collaboration, we can also work closely with primary care physicians, other health care professionals you’re working with, school personnel, and any other figure that may be able to aid in your care and treatment.

The Values Of Our Chicago Therapists

Our office is built on distinct values that are prevalent throughout every session with any one of our therapists.

Psychological Testing

Robust diagnostic testing is at the core of what we do in our evaluations. We believe that information is power, especially when it comes to your mental health. The more qualitative and quantitative data we can gather about your life experiences--including past areas of challenge and areas of strength--your current symptoms, and your future goals, the better we’re able to support you throughout the lifespan. We have in-house diagnostic testing capabilities for a wide variety of psychological conditions and life experiences, including forensic evaluations, adoption evaluations, and IQ testing, to name just a few.

A Whole Body Approach

Our Chicago therapists believe in the connection between the mind and body. This means that physical ailments can impact your mental and emotional well being and vice versa. In order to help you lead the life you want to live, we’re looking at your symptoms from a whole body perspective. We dive into your past, present, and future, as well as your physical and emotional symptoms to offer comprehensive support.

Diversity and Inclusion

Many mental health conditions thrive in the space where patients feel alone. Our practice is built on the premise of absolute inclusion. Everyone is welcome at Wellington Counseling Group, because “everyone” is who we are.

Counseling Services At WCG

Wellington Counseling Group offers a full-suite of therapeutic services for patients from all walks of life.

  • Adult Therapy - No matter what struggles or life experiences an adult might be facing at any point in life, our experts with diverse backgrounds can offer support to help adults craft a life that they are proud to lead.
  • Adolescent and Teen Therapy - Being a teenager is tough enough. Our therapists can help your child navigate the abundance of life changes that will occur during their young life so they can successfully develop and thrive into adulthood and through the inevitable challenges yet to come thereafter.
  • Family Therapy - The family unit experiences a lot over a lifetime. Family therapy from WCG can help children and parents navigate the delicate system of interdependent parts that work together to form a family.
  • Couples Therapy - Relationships come with their ups and downs. Our couples counseling can help those in any kind of relationship resolve conflict, explore major decisions, strengthen bonds, and enhance connections. Our goal is to help the parties in a relationship, experience the joys of respect, understanding, communication, cooperation, and sensitivity.
  • Group Therapy - Our group therapy programs help you come together with other individuals who have similar life experiences and goals. Groups can challenge its members in a way that promotes growth when patterns are identified and sorted through with peers, and through the facilitation of highly-trained group therapists in the room. Group therapy can be a stand-alone solution or part of a larger therapeutic program. Contact us to learn more about the current groups. We can also facilitate new groups upon request.

WCG also offers group therapy specifically for teens and preteens, as well as women’s counseling groups. At WCG, everyone has a safe, collaborative space to explore emotional and physical well being.

Chicago Therapists You Can Trust

Wellington Counseling Group is dedicated to helping patients through the counseling process. Whatever brings you to our door, we can help you and your family address the questions you have about your life and experiences and create a happier, healthier existence.