Location: Lakeview, Northbrook
Shawn Sturges

Shawn Sturges

Clinical Coordinator


As an individual with vision loss, Shawn found that often speaking to others about his personal experiences has had a positive personal impact on his life. Since the loss of Shawn's vision over 15 years ago, he has learned that life is a journey to enjoy and cherish, every step of the way. Over the years, Shawn has learned that we don’t get anywhere in life on our own; allowing others to help us often yields positive returns throughout our lives. Shawn recently found his way to Wellington Counseling Group as the Clinical Coordinator, and couldn’t be prouder of his colleagues who have welcomed him with open arms. He regularly encourages callers and new clients to stay in contact. Staff are here to assist in whatever way possible, so feel free to reach out. We will always be glad to help!

Shawn earned his bachelors degree in Business Administration along with a minor in Marketing in 2012 from the University of Tampa. He then moved to the Twin Cities to diversify his education and once there, decided to pursue an education in Music Business at McNally Smith College of Music. This allowed Shawn to work within the entertainment industry for a few years in the area of music publishing and artist development both there and in Nashville.

After moving to Chicago several years ago Shawn found himself in the world of adaptive rock climbing, a world that has taken him to some pretty cool places both in the U.S. and abroad. What Shawn is most proud of is the chance he was given to become an ambassador athlete for Paradox Sports, an organization helping individuals with various disabilities experience the outdoors while rock climbing, a role that has provided him a platform to share his journey as a blind individual and inspire others to find their passion—whatever that may be—despite their disability.