Chicago Therapists Practice Community Engagement & Social Justice

Tuesday, 06 June 2023 10:37 Written by

Wellington Counseling Group is an organization of Chicago therapists focused on human healing. This focus has brought us to a place of seeking to expand our contributions to the surrounding community, separate from, but related to, the therapeutic care we already provide to individuals and families. As an organization, we believe it is important to financially support Chicago-based organizations who are dedicated to the same values we hold; Chicago-based organizations that can bring to life real change for the betterment of society. One important way we do this is through our 1865 Fund.

Promoting Equality and Justice

Beginning in 2020, WCG has made and renewed a commitment to donate an annual base sum of $1,865—an amount identified for its symbolic recognition of the Juneteenth celebration—to any Chicago-based organization that effectively promotes racial equality and equal justice. Our hope is that, by fueling them with the capital needed to carry out social justice within their areas of expertise and intimate knowledge of conditions, we can play a small part in making a difference. Some of the organizations that are recipients of this award include: My Block, My Hood, My City; TeamWork Englewood; Brave Space Alliance; Coffee, Hip-Hop, and Mental Health; and Bright Star Community Outreach. In addition to our base donation, as an organization we challenge our staff to contribute personally through a 1:1 matching donation, and this is where the true financial impact happens… the generosity of the WCG team has increased our capacity to support these agencies with donations in far-higher amounts than our base could, enabling us as a collective of therapists and support staff to rally around the organizations that really help our communities live healthier lives. In total, by summer 2023, the 1865 Fund released roughly $25,000 in total donations to local social service organizations since inception.

Supporting the Chicago Community through Donated Counseling Services

Not only do we believe in donating financially, but we also realize the value of donating our time and expertise as experienced Chicago therapists. In 2020 and after, amidst the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, our therapists donated over 160 hours of counseling services via our COVID Crisis Support Program, an emergency program we designed to emotionally support vulnerable members of our community during a period of national crisis. The time Wellington Counseling Group clinicians donated to help heal our community was roughly equivalent to $30,000 worth of psychotherapy services, all provided free of charge with little impact on staff pay.

We at Wellington Counseling Group are proud to have made it a priority to contribute meaningfully to organizations that offer vital support to neighbors within our beloved city. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of healing, and we believe these supports will further our practice’s core focus. Together, as a Chicago community, we can all make an impact to help people who are struggling. We hope you take time to consider looking into the organizations we have cultivated this strong affinity with, who exemplify a healing and community focus, the same focus that we at Wellington aspire to exemplify through our therapeutic and assessment-based services.