How to Know if Family Counseling in Chicago Is Right for You

Friday, 29 January 2021 12:23 Written by

Every family experiences challenges and conflicts from time to time. However, if your family is fighting more often than not, that’s a sign you should seek professional help. If you’re even considering family counseling, that in and of itself means it’s probably something you and your family members can benefit from. And although seeking counseling can sometimes initially feel like a sign of failure or defeat, it’s actually the first step towards helping your family improve communication and work through conflict to establish healthy and stable relationships. If you’re still on the fence, here’s how to determine if family counseling in Chicago is right for you. 

Reasons to consider family counseling 

There are many reasons you may be considering family counseling. If your family is experiencing one of the following, it could be time to seek help from a professional. 

  • You’re blending families – Blending two families together always brings new challenges, no matter the circumstances. The role of a step-parent can be confusing to navigate and introducing half-siblings can change the family dynamics entirely. Family counseling can help ensure a smoother transition. 
  • Your family feels disconnected – Does it feel like your family doesn’t talk the way you used to? Do you find your teenagers sitting around the dinner table on their phones rather than talking to you about their day? In an increasingly digital world, it’s easy to feel disconnected from the people in your household. Counseling can help you learn how to unplug and connect with your family once again.
  • Family members are having extreme emotional reactions – Are you or members of your family exhibiting excessive anger, sadness, irritation, or other emotional reactions? That could signify there are deeper issues going unaddressed that should be worked through in a safe space, such as family counseling provides.
  • Changes in your children’s behavior – Are your children acting out at school? Are their grades taking a dive? Or perhaps there is some new or intensifying disruptive behavior at home. These are all signs your family could benefit from talk therapy.
  • A major life event has occurred – Whether it’s a divorce, an affair, or a traumatic event, major life changes can be challenging to process. Counseling can help your family make sense of what has happened and create a plan to move forward.

Other things to consider 

Unfortunately, not all health insurance policies cover family therapy. Be sure to check with your policy to see if any family therapists are covered under your benefits before you start reaching out to counseling services. Knowing how costs may be covered in advance can take a lot of the financial stress out of deciding to seek professional help. 

Take the first step to seeking family counseling in Chicago 

If you think your family could benefit from talking to a professional, reach out to us at Wellington Counseling Group. We offer a number of treatment options for children and families including counseling for:

  • ADHD
  • ASD
  • Behavior Management
  • Child-Parent Relationships
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Development Transitions
  • Divorce
  • Eating and Sleeping 
  • Grief 
  • Parenting 
  • Remarriage and Blended Families 
  • and School-Based Difficulty

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