What You Can Learn During Relationship Counseling in Chicago

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When partners are struggling to see eye to eye, it can be challenging to even agree to attend counseling. Many couples are hesitant to begin relationship counseling because they’re not sure how it can help them. When problems continue to go unaddressed and unhealthy patterns persist, it can seem like there is no solution other than separation. However, relationship counseling in Chicago can help couples evolve together by learning more about each other and themselves.

Here are just a few of the things that you can learn in couple's therapy.

What Is Relationship Counseling?

Relationship counseling is a type of psychotherapy that explores issues in a romantic relationship, works on communication skills, and resolves conflicts.

While relationship counseling is often used to address problems, it can be helpful at any stage of a relationship. People in healthy, happy relationships can still benefit from counseling to strengthen their communication and connection. It might be time to try couples therapy if:

  • You have trouble expressing your feelings to one another
  • You have one or more unsolvable disagreement(s)
  • There is withdrawal, criticism, or contempt in your daily interactions
  • A stressful event has shaken your daily life
  • You have trouble making decisions together
  • You have experienced infidelity or abuse
  • You want a stronger relationship

What You Can Learn in Therapy Together

Healthy Communication

One of the greatest sources of conflict in relationships is a misunderstanding, much of which originates from miscommunication. One small miscommunication can make the smallest tasks or activities blow up into major problems that can have lasting impacts on the relationship.

Relationship counseling isn’t about who was right or wrong. It’s about repairing trust and re-establishing boundaries. It’s important that both parties can express themselves and feel heard, which is where therapy comes into play.

In relationship counseling, you’ll learn productive tools for managing conflict. Challenges are inevitable in relationships, but how they are handled will make all the difference. Your therapist will help you and your partner develop tools that make each other feel seen and heard.

How to Break Patterns

Falling into unhealthy habits in our daily lives and relationships is easier than you think. Once you fall into a pattern, it can be hard to recognize it and thus, rectify it. An unbiased third party can help you and your partner see patterns that are impacting the relationship.

The longer you have been in your relationship, the easier it is to get stuck in ways that aren’t serving the partnership. This can interfere with your partner’s ability to make the changes you may have been requesting for weeks, months, or years! It is easy to resist change, but a relationship counselor can help provide methods to overcome barriers.

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