Is Neuropsychological Testing in Chicago Right for Your Child?

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In some cases, parents decide to have their child participate in neuropsychological testing in Chicago because they want to be sure they can receive the appropriate care and services at school. Many schools across the country require test results to determine if accommodations such as an IEP or 504 plan are required.

Often, we’ll see parents of children diagnosed with ADHD who recognize similarities in their own behavior and opt for testing to determine if they share that diagnosis with their child.

Wellington Counseling Group (WCG) offers an array of neuropsychological and psychological assessments. If testing is indicated, a WCG psychologist will provide guidance as to the exact type of assessment to best meet your specific concerns.

WCG specializes in several types of testing for children, adolescents, and adults in the areas of ADHD and executive function, gifted and IQ testing, learning disorders, mood and anxiety issues, memory evaluations, as well as adoptive and forensic evaluations.

Why Should I Consider Neuropsychological Testing in Chicago for Myself or My Child?

Because information is power. For example, if you or your child are experiencing a lack of focus and an inability to concentrate, these could be symptoms of anxiety, depression, ADHD, or something else entirely. The treatment plan is different depending on the diagnosis.

Understanding a diagnosis can not only help individuals feel validated and understood, testing can provide tailored recommendations and treatment options to move forward--to feel better.

And documentation of testing by a qualified psychologist is typically a requirement for children to receive services/accommodations from school. Testing is a prerequisite to obtaining an IEP or 504 plan (, and IQ testing is necessary for students to enroll in one of the many gifted programs or schools in the Chicago area. Wellington Counseling Group’s IQ testing service is different from other practices in that brief mental health screenings are included as part of our holistic process of assessment.

Perhaps most important, when a parent clearly understands their child’s struggles and strengths and has a comprehensive evaluation in hand, a diagnosis, and a customized plan, they are empowered to serve as their child’s best advocate.

What To Expect from Neuropsychological Testing

First off, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Most assessments involve a friendly get-to-know-you interview and performance-based testing like memory tasks, puzzles, word questions, and written tasks. It’s transparent and straightforward. Many kids delight in the challenge of the game-like aspects of these measures, too.

Generally, our testing process follows this structure:

  1. A trained WCG staff member conducts a 10–15-minute phone consultation to identify the current issue/challenge and gather relevant information such as current medications, insurance, etc.
  2. Depending on your circumstances, you will be referred to a WCG psychologist to schedule testing. Parts of the assessment may be conducted virtually, others in person. Generally, testing can be completed in one-to-three sessions of two-to-three hours each. For children, we strongly recommend daytime testing whenever possible because that’s when their attention and energy usually are at their peak.
  3. When testing is complete, your examiner analyzes your assessment data, prepares a written report, and schedules a feedback session to thoroughly and clearly explain their findings, including a diagnosis and recommendations for your next steps. It is not so rare for our psychologists to also present these findings to school personnel when desired or required.

How Best to Prepare Your Child for an Assessment

Practically speaking, make sure your children are well-rested and have eaten a light but nutritious meal beforehand. Every child is different, but for younger children, letting them know that they are seeing a “thoughts and feelings doctor” to take some tests that will identify strengths and growth areas generally is a good idea.

If you suspect your child may struggle sitting for a few hours with a new person, just let your clinician know when you schedule their assessment for neuropsychological testing in Chicago. This is an area of WCG expertise and we will make accommodations so your child feels comfortable.

My Child’s School Offers Testing. Why Should I Pursue Private Neuropsychological Testing?

Each patient has to make the decision that’s best for their personal circumstances. Schools often do offer their own testing to determine if a child needs academic accommodations ( However, schools tend to focus primarily on functional areas.

In contrast, WCG provides a medically-based, comprehensive evaluation that includes a diagnosis and recommended next steps. In the spirit of “less is more,” our practice shies away from deploying an unwieldy and burdensome battery of tests. With extensive experience in testing, WCG is able to identify only the best choices of assessment tools for each individual, optimizing our efficiency, your time, and ultimately, decreasing costs to you or your policy.

For more information or to schedule a phone consultation for possible neuropsychological testing in Chicago, please contact our offices at:

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