8 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling in Chicago

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Marriage is hard. Even the happiest and healthiest couples experience relationship challenges from time to time. If your marriage is having problems, you may be wondering whether you can tackle them alone or if you need professional help. Many people waver on whether or not they should see a couples therapist. Here are eight signs you should seek marriage counseling in Chicago.

1. You aren't communicating

Communication is at the root of many marital issues. And once your communication has deteriorated, it can be difficult to get back. A marriage counselor can help facilitate difficult conversations that are otherwise challenging to bring up on your own. They will also provide you with tools to have more productive two-way communication.

2. You are communicating, but it's always negative

If you and your partner can't have a conversation without it ending in an argument or fight, that is a strong sign you need counseling. Every marriage experiences some level of conflict, but if you're fighting more often than not, therapy can help you learn how to disagree in healthier ways, diffuse arguments, and remain calm when emotions run high.

3. The same issue keeps coming up

If it feels like the same issue keeps coming up and you're going around in circles, therapy can help you and your partner get to the root cause of the issue and determine whether or not it can be worked through. Disagreeing on who does the dishes is one thing, but disagreeing about whether or not you want to have children is another thing entirely.

4. You've grown apart

After years of marriage, it's not uncommon for partners to grow apart. They begin to merely coexist as their connection and intimacy gradually disappear. Marriage counseling can help you and your partner find your way back to each other.

5. Someone has been unfaithful or considered being unfaithful

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 15% of women and 25% of men report having had an extramarital affair. If you or your partner has been unfaithful, it can be difficult to restore trust. Counseling can help you work through infidelity and gradually re-establish mutual trust.

6. You keep secrets

Transparency is an important part of a healthy marriage. And while privacy certainly has a place in every romantic relationship, secrecy does not. Counseling can help encourage honesty and uncover the reasons behind your secrecy.

7. When you're not on the same page about sex

It's not uncommon for sexual intimacy to taper off a little after a few years together. However, any significant changes in the bedroom often signify that something isn't right. Even an increase in sex can be a sign of challenges, as it often indicates a partner is compensating for something they're doing that they think is wrong.

8. You’re having financial issues

Financial issues are at the root of many marital issues. Between debts, different spending habits, and budgetary disagreements, arguments about money can be extremely damaging to relationships. Counseling can help you work through financial conflicts for a stronger marriage.

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