Do You Need Therapy for Life Transitions?

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The saying “the only constant in life is change” is a good reminder that things are not always going to be the same. Life transitions, even positive ones, can throw us into a tailspin, leaving us feeling stressed, confused, and vulnerable. But, with the right tools and mindset, you have the power to overcome any adversity. And the upside of transitions is that change can transform you into a more authentic and confident version of yourself. Therapy for life transitions can help you navigate this period of your life without having to bear it all on your own.

Life Changes are Beneficial

Changes in life are experiences that serve as opportunities for growth. Even difficult changes that are neither wanted nor expected can have a positive impact on you. Additionally, changes help us develop new personal skills and obtain a greater awareness of ourselves, our families, and our communities. Some of the most common life transitions include:

  • Moving away to college or trade school
  • Romantic breakups, separations, or divorces
  • Getting married
  • Job loss or a major change in your career
  • Relocation
  • Having a baby
  • Financial gain/loss
  • Serious illness or disability
  • Death of a loved one
  • Discovering your sexual/gender identity
  • And more

Life Changes are Challenging

It is human nature to fall into a routine. After all, homeostasis is the very core of our being. When you are thrown out of the norm, it can put your body into survival mode. Feeling like you’ve lost control of the situation can have impactful effects on your overall health.

Coping with life transitions is always different for each person. For example, some individuals thrive under the pressure of a life transition and use counseling as a tool for accountability and encouragement. Others may feel that the life change is overwhelming and unbearable. Either way, our life transition therapists are trained to help you meet your full potential and offer a wealth of services, support, and treatment modalities to fit your individual needs.

Begin Therapy for Life Transitions in Chicago

When the burden of change begins to feel too heavy to carry, extra support may be needed. If you begin feeling defeated by the changes happening in your life, it is time to seek the support of a professional counselor. Therapy for life transitions will lend that helping hand and offer an encouraging environment for you so you don’t have to work through the transition alone.

Change can be scary, and sometimes change can be wonderful. That’s why our life transition therapists are here to validate and support whatever feelings you may be experiencing surrounding your life changes.

Our Chicago therapists will work with you to manage your emotions during this transitionary period. That may look like:

  • Finding acceptance
  • Managing expectations
  • Establishing boundaries
  • Finding routes for self-care
  • Recognizing pain points
  • Creating coping strategies

Our therapists are here for you when you are ready to begin specialized, compassionate care with in-person or online therapy sessions.

Learn More About Therapy for Life Transitions in Chicago

Don’t bear the burden of change on your own! It takes time to adjust to what life throws at you, but you can get through it. Therapy for life changes can be extremely beneficial during times of intense transition.

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