Family Counselors for Parenting in Chicago

Parenting can be one of life’s most rewarding and challenging experiences any one person goes through. As a parent, you’re responsible for shaping and molding a young mind whom you hope will contribute to and thrive in society. No pressure, right? 

Family counselors can be a valuable asset for parents in any stage of growing their family. Whether you’re a first time parent with a newborn at home seeking support from someone besides your own parents or you’ve got a few kids already and want help navigating some new developmental transition, Wellington Counseling Group can help. We have a team of family counselors who specialize in parenting to help families across the Chicago area strengthen those bonds.

Understanding All Aspects of Parenting

Becoming a parent affects every single element of your life. From your relationship with your spouse or significant other to your relationship with yourself, bringing a child into your life is one of the biggest adjustments you’ll ever make. As a child grows older, parenting responsibilities also grow and evolve. The trials and triumphs often correlate to the life stage you’re in with your family.

There are physical, mental, and emotional aspects of parenting that all contribute to the relationship a parent has with their child. The better you’re able to understand your preferred style of parenting and your role as a parent, the better you’re able to navigate conflict and challenges that might arise as your child grows up.

Family Counseling for Parenting

Families seek counseling to support parenting roles and goals for many reasons. Most frequently, we work with parents who are experiencing challenges with:

  • Communication
  • Frequent arguing
  • Feeling misunderstood
  • Not being heard or listened to
  • Relationship building between parent and child
  • Boundaries and punishments

There are countless other reasons parents may seek a family counselor to support them in their role. In addition to the most common communication and relationship issues, parents may also seek professional guidance when they are feeling uncertain about parenting their child through a specific life stage or milestone.

From separation-anxiety or mood disorders to social withdrawal or self-destructive behaviors, your child will go through many challenges and changes of their own. Parenting them through those life experiences can be trying for the adults in the child’s life. The expertise and guidance from a family counselor can help you successfully navigate the sometimes bumpy road that is parenthood.

What Family Counseling for Parents Looks Like at WCG

No two parents experience their roles the same. Even parents of the same child are going to experience unique successes and complications within their role. When parents or an entire family seek counseling at Wellington Counseling Group, we start with an initial appointment where we take the opportunity to get to know the parents and the child or children. Developing a relationship with your family is key to our ability to add value to your therapy experience.

Upon identifying strengths and weaknesses within the parent-child relationship, as well as challenges that both parent and child might be experiencing in regards to one another, we can begin working through any issues to help facilitate healthy communication on all accounts.

Ultimately, successful parenting comes down to communication. Our family counselors strive to help families develop this skill and strengthen their bond for a happy and healthy life together.

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Consider Wellington Counseling Group for Family Counseling in Chicago

Parenting can be challenging. With the help of the highly-trained and compassionate family counselors at Wellington Counseling Group, you can thrive as a parent and help your child lead the life you want for them.

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