Therapy for Childhood Sleep Disorders in Chicago

Does your child resist bedtime? Are you constantly reading “just one more” story to avoid a meltdown? Do they end up in bed with mom or dad every night despite your best efforts? If your child has trouble sleeping, you’ve come to the right place. Wellington Counseling Group works with families in Chicago to address the behavioral aspects of sleep disorders in children and to help parents develop a healthy bedtime routine.

Understanding Early Childhood Concerns

There are a wide variety of struggles and disorders children may experience as they grow up. Some are more common than others, but that doesn’t make them any less challenging. From school readiness to picky eating, parents have their work cut out for them as they support developing minds and bodies to grow and thrive throughout adolescence. Childhood sleep issues are among the most frequent challenges parents experience with young children. If you’re struggling to create and stick to a bedtime routine that works for you and your child, know that you’re not alone.

For some children, little tweaks to a routine here and there can resolve sleep issues. For others, the problem runs deeper. In these cases, professional counseling for childhood sleep issues can be warranted. Even when there isn’t a bona fide diagnosable medical issue at play, a therapist can support both parents and children through the challenges of sleep issues in early childhood and adolescence.

While every child and their experience with sleep issues is unique, some of the most common reasons families seek counseling for problems and challenges around childhood sleep include:

  • Resistance to bedtime
  • Frequent meltdowns and emotional outbursts toward the end of the day
  • Difficulty creating and adhering to a bedtime routine
  • Child frequently sleeps in parents’ bed
  • Anxiety at bedtime, including separation anxiety from parents
  • Trouble falling asleep without a parent in the room, lights on, doors open, etc.
  • Fears about going to sleep, such as monsters or intruders

These childhood sleep issues are completely normal, but continuous lack of adequate sleep can greatly impact your child’s well-being.

Counseling Services for Childhood Sleep Issues

Often, childhood sleep disorders stem from a deeper-rooted emotional issue that may need professional attention and support. Counseling and talk therapy can be a valuable outlet for your child as they work through the challenges that may be affecting their sleep

What Counseling for Sleep Disorders Looks Like at WCG

When a family seeks therapy for childhood sleep issues, our counselors begin with an initial consultation with the child and their parents. This helps us get to know the patient as a person and better understand their unique challenges.

Following the initial appointment, we’ll meet with the child and the parents individually to assess problems and goals that will guide our approach moving forward. Armed with all this information, we begin working with the child to uncover the triggers or underlying issues that are contributing to their sleep issues and consider outside referrals when the need is evident.

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Consider Wellington Counseling Group for Childhood Sleep Issues

If your child has trouble sleeping, it can affect not only bedtime routines but also daytime routine as a lack of sleep often changes behaviors. Childhood sleep issues are not uncommon, which is why Wellington Counseling Group works with families just like yours to resolve your child’s difficulties in the area of sleep. Contact our childhood therapists in Chicago today to schedule an appointment.