At Wellington, we want to ensure that seeking treatment is as worry-free as possible by addressing all insurance coverage questions from the start. Since navigating your health insurance policy can be confusing and frustrating, we have dedicated insurance claims specialists to assist you—even prior to seeking services at our practice—with a free and fast consultation related to your specific policy and the mental health benefits it provides.

If you are already a Wellington client, we can help you understand your policy’s deductibles, in-network and out of network definitions and applicability, co-payments, co-insurance and any other terms related to your care at Wellington.

Most of our providers accept Blue Cross Blue Shield (PPO only), and we will submit claims for you if we are an out of network provider in order to facilitate reimbursement.

As of September 2019, select clinicians at our Northbrook office will accept many Aetna plans.

Please contact Deana at our billing office: or call 312-380-1783 for more information.