Get To Know Our Northbrook Therapists

Wellington Counseling Group is made up of a diverse team of psychotherapists, all with unique backgrounds, credentials, and areas of expertise. Our mission is to provide the most inclusive and compassionate support for all types of patients seeking mental health care in the Northbrook area. Our areas of specialization include individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling for children and the family unit as a whole. We provide emotional and psychological guidance through the challenges of a constantly evolving life.

Our Approach To Therapy & Counseling

To give our patients all the advantages we have to offer, our Northbrook therapists leverage the expertise of one another. With the permission of our patients, we collaborate internally and also forge relationships with other important figures in our patients lives, whether that’s their primary care doctor, teachers, or other school professionals. Our goal is to provide our patients with all the resources and support they need to craft their ideal life and achieve their goals.

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The Values Of Our Northbrook Therapists

Our Northbrook location is home to all of our diagnostic testing, which is central to our approach at Wellington Counseling Group. In addition to psychological testing, we also prioritize the mind and body connection, as well as diversity and inclusion at our practice. Let’s dive into the core values that WCG is built on.

Psychological Testing

We believe in the guidance of objective data as it relates to your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. That’s why we’ve built out a robust diagnostic testing center at our Northbrook location. Our specialists offer a number of different types of formal psychological and neuropsychological testing, including:

  • ADHD Testing
  • Adoption Evaluations
  • Forensic Evaluations
  • Gifted & IQ Testing
  • Learning Disorder Evaluations
  • Memory Testing
  • Mood & Anxiety Disorder Evaluations

Depending on what brings a patient to our office, we may begin the therapy process with formal testing to help guide our approach moving forward. In some cases, like parents going through the adoption process or those requiring the expertise gleaned from a forensic evaluation, the assessment arm of our facility is all that is needed. Our diagnostic testing capabilities help us gain qualitative and quantitative data about your life experiences, past areas of challenge, and key areas of strength. We can use this information to guide and define your counseling for the most positive impact.

The Mind/Body Connection

Central to your overall well-being is the connection between the mind and body. Your physical ailments can impact your mental health and vice versa. Our Northbrook therapists believe in a whole-body approach to counseling, meaning we dive into your past, present, and future to better understand your physical and emotional symptoms so we can provide comprehensive support.

An Inclusive Community

When you’re struggling with the symptoms of a mental health condition or going through a trial in your own life, you can feel isolated. This lonely space is where our unwanted symptoms thrive. Our Northbrook counseling practice is built on the idea of community, casting away undesirable symptoms through an environment of inclusivity, encouragement, and protection. Everyone is welcome at Wellington Counseling Group, because “everyone” is who we are.

Counseling Services In Northbrook

Wellington Counseling Group offers comprehensive therapeutic services for people struggling with all types of challenges and issues.

  • Adult Therapy - There’s no shortage of challenges one might face throughout adulthood. Our Northbrook counselors specialize in helping adults overcome life transitions, mental health conditions, crises, and more with compassionate and supportive care.
  • Adolescent and Teen Therapy - Growing up is tough. It’s especially challenging when they feel misunderstood. Our therapists work with children of all ages to help them navigate the challenges of growing up as they become the person they are meant to be.
  • Family Therapy - As a family, you’re going to go through ups and downs. As you all grow, change, and develop the dynamics of your relationships will also change. Family therapy in Northbrook can support parents and children alike as the family evolves.
  • Couples Therapy - Every relationship goes through trials and triumphs. Couples counseling from our Northbrook therapists can help you and your partner navigate the highs and lows of your relationship so that everyone feels respected and understood.
  • Group Therapy - Group therapy offers a unique dynamic for individuals with similar goals to be challenged in a way that promotes growth. Contact us to learn more about the current groups. We can also facilitate new groups upon request. WCG also offers group therapy specifically for teens and preteens, as well as women’s counseling groups. At WCG, everyone has a safe, collaborative space to explore emotional and physical well being.

Northbrook Therapists You Can Trust

Wellington Counseling Group is dedicated to helping patients achieve their goals and lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life through counseling. Whatever brings you to our door, we can help you and your family address the questions and challenges, while pursuing your ideal life.

Contact a Northbrook therapist today to learn how we can support you on your path toward your goals.