Pre-Adoption Evaluations in Chicago

When prospective parents come to us for psychological testing in relation to an adoption, we start by working with the adoption agency(s) to clarify what type of evaluation and documentation will be necessary. Each agency has their own preferences, so getting this insight at the beginning allows us to be most efficient.

From there, you can expect a pre-adoption psychological evaluation. This will include both prospective parents and will last approximately 3-4 hours. In the first half of the pre-adoption psychological evaluation, a psychologist will conduct an interview with the prospective parents, either together, separately, or both.

Following the interview, we’ll move on to additional psychological tests that will help us assess various factors that may be relevant to an adoption, including:

  • Personality traits
  • Cognitive skills
  • Emotional awareness
  • Parenting and attachment styles
  • Risk of compulsive behaviors
  • Openness about issues

Within 2-3 weeks, you’ll receive an executive summary that outlines the examiners findings relative to the client’s readiness to adopt and parent a child. With written consent, we’ll send a signed copy to the adoption agency so you can move forward in the process.

Why Perform Pre-Adoption Psychological Testing At Wellington Counseling Group?

You can get a pre-adoption psychological test in all kinds of different establishments, but there are benefits to getting your screening done at Wellington Counseling Group.

Having your pre-adoption psychological testing done at a facility where you can receive ongoing counseling can be highly beneficial for your growing family. You won’t have to start over should you decide to see an individual therapist or family counselor throughout the remainder of the adoption process and even after a child is placed in your home. This means you can more quickly assimilate to the changing dynamics of your family and facilitate a positive life transition for your family and the child.

What Does A Pre-Adoption Evaluation Cost?

Unfortunately, pre-adoption evaluations are not covered under insurance plans. Our team is happy to provide an estimate of total out-of-pocket expenses, based on the needs of the agency(s) you are working with.

If you’re currently going through the adoption process and need to undergo psychological testing to move forward with an adoption in Chicago or Northbrook, contact Wellington Counseling Group today to schedule an appointment.