Laura Perelman portraitTreatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: I work with children, adolescents, and adults who feel stuck or pained by the course their life has taken. Some may be taken aback by a recent change, or struggling with issues that lack easy solutions. I am invigorated by every patient who arrives at their first therapy session frustrated, confused or hopeless, and then leaves with a renewed sense of hope and purpose. I am an experienced clinician who has successfully drawn upon a variety of methods to treat persons who struggle with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, family discord, gender dysphoria, trauma, substance abuse, relationship issues, grief/loss and life transitions. I care about the way that rigid gender roles harm persons of all gender identities, and I am committed to helping my clients of all genders and gender expressions find more authentic ways to express themselves. Helping clients process difficult experiences and acknowledge pain while moving forward in their lives makes my work meaningful and critical. 
Clinical Approach: On the first day of therapy, many clients arrive at my office feeling exhausted, stuck in a pattern that feels painful or just convinced that things will never improve. The parents who bring their children to me often tell me they’ve tried everything and want to help their child but do not know what to do. I understand how difficult it can be to enter therapy and be vulnerable. While my work with each child, adolescent, and adult is different depending on their needs, I believe wholeheartedly in treating each individual with genuine compassion, respect, and non-judgment.
I work collaboratively with my clients to establish a safe place where they feel understood, supported, and encouraged to make substantive changes. My goal is to help each person I work with nurture and appreciate their strengths whilst growing in their capacity for insight and acceptance. Each of my clients develops an increased understanding for what is causing their suffering, just as they learn how to cope with the elements of their life that they cannot change. I am committed to treating each client with the warmth, consideration, and professional competence that they need and deserve.
Education: I earned my Master’s in Social Work from New York University, and also hold a Master’s in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University. My clinical internships included providing both individual play therapy to children and parenting support in a school setting, and subsequently, providing adults with psychotherapy in an outpatient treatment facility. I worked with adults struggling with substance abuse and mental illness in a community agency for several years, before entering private practice a few years ago. I have worked with individuals with a multitude of different issues, and continue to update my training through regularly attending professional trainings and consultations.
Personal Interests: I enjoy spending time with friends and family, reading and relaxing, going to yoga, attending live theater, cooking, traveling, and spending as much time as possible outside, taking long walks around the city or by the lake.