Paul Losoff portraitTreatment Specialties and Clinical Interests: As a licensed clinical psychologist, I work with people of all ages to treat a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, self-esteem, identity, trauma, and relationship dynamics. In addition to my focus on psychotherapy, I also specialize in psycho-diagnostic testing and teach courses in personality assessment to Chicago area doctoral students and oversee the coordination of psychological testing and assessments within our practice.

I view psychotherapy as a highly creative and collaborative process, and I work jointly with my clients to set treatment goals and to identify what is getting in the way of them being happy and living lives full of meaning and fulfillment. It’s important for me to create a safe and warm environment where clients feel comfortable speaking their minds.

Through extensive work with children and adolescents, I have developed a keen understanding of the tremendous challenges many of them face as they navigate the transition between childhood and adulthood. This is a generation that faces issues such as bullying, the pressure to succeed in a highly competitive environment, problems with impulse control, and increasing incidences of ADHD, in addition to the newer pressures brought about by technology, gaming and social media. Working within the context of family and school, I help them develop their identity and sense of self—and self- worth—as well as help them to build and maintain friendships, strengthen their resilience, and create a closer connection with their parents and siblings. I also provide psychological evaluations and assessments for school- based Individual Education Plans (IEPs).

Clinical Approach: My role is to help clients navigate their path toward personal growth, self-awareness and increased well-being. I help them become more effective, creative and spontaneous in their lives, to free up the stuck parts, and get to the core issues. I have always been fascinated with the creative process, and how we generate new ideas that can lead us toward insights and toward exploring parts of ourselves we may not be aware of.

I find it tremendously meaningful to understand the emotional resonance of my clients. People have such a capacity for transformational change, though they don’t always see this in themselves. Through psychotherapy, I have seen people, time and time again, become braver, more expressive, more self- aware and more satisfied with their lives.

Education: I earned my doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, where I also received my master’s degree. Before joining Wellington Counseling Group, I completed my predoctoral internship at Bridge View and Challenger Day Schools where I worked with adolescents and their families struggling with emotional and learning disabilities, as well as with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I also have extensive experience working with children and teens in crisis at psychiatric hospitals and residential facilities. One of my most profound professional experiences was as a crisis counselor in the emergency room at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where I conducted evaluations and interventions for people in extreme crisis situations, including intense anxiety, psychosis, and risk of self-harm.

Personal Interests: I enjoy biking through the city and spending time with my family. Before I pursued a career in psychology, I was a professional musician in Chicago. I bring my own creative experiences to therapy to help clients find their own voice and explore the elements within themselves that encourage self-expression.

Services Offered

Family and Child