Trusted Anxiety Therapy In Chicago

Anxiety is the most common type of mental health condition in the United States. With more than 40 million sufferers, therapy and other treatment options have evolved significantly. Talk therapy and traditional counseling are among the most popular resources that adults who struggle with anxiety rely on to cope with feelings of anxiety. Talk therapy without a strategy can only get you so far, though. At Wellington Counseling Group, we strive to ensure each and every session with our clients equips them with the tools they need to handle the stressors that present in their everyday lives. Let’s discuss in more depth what anxiety looks like and if therapy for anxiety at our Chicago offices might be right for you.

Understanding Anxiety

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s someone talking about the anxiety in their life. While those who’ve never been formally diagnosed might assume it’s an overly generalized disorder, anxiety truly is that prevalent in our society. The American Psychological Association defines anxiety as “an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure.” When we look at anxiety like that, it’s no surprise that everyone has felt this way at one time or another.

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Anxiety is actually a biologically necessary feeling - it helps us identify and respond to threats to preserve our safety. The difference between healthy anxiety and a disorder that may warrant anxiety therapy is the lack of relief when a threat disappears. Additionally, anxiety stops being a beneficial emotional response when you start to experience these feelings in relation to non-threatening stimuli, as well.

Therapy For Anxiety in Chicago

In fast-paced environments found in bustling cities, like Chicago, for instance, feelings of anxiety are that much more rampant among young adults and professionals. As you’re striving to balance personal, professional, social, familial, and all the other obligations on your plate, it is easy to become overwhelmed and have more difficulty processing feelings of tension, worry, and stress. This is where the team of experts at Wellington Counseling Group comes in.

What Anxiety Therapy Looks Like At WCG

The first thing we do when a patient comes to us seeking anxiety therapy is a formal evaluation. As mentioned above, anxiety is really very common, but we’d be remiss in our duties as mental health professionals if we didn’t first confirm that there are no additional psychological symptoms or disorders masquerading as anxiety in your case. This formal evaluation helps us identify the underlying causes that may be leading to the symptoms, as well as uncovering how the rest of your life - friends, family, work, play, etc. - are contributing to the symptoms of anxiety that are preventing you from achieving your full potential.

Armed with these insights, we’ll craft an anxiety treatment protocol with you that will best support your needs. We have a team of various treatment professionals, all of whom take special approaches to the treatment of anxiety. Anxiety therapy at Wellington Counseling Group is a truly customized experience. For example, a patient who is more inclined to respond to a mindfulness approach can see a different counselor than one who is partial to a more analytical approach.

The beauty of our operation is that, with the permission of our patients, our team of mental health experts can collaborate to bring you extensive resources and support to help you take back control of your anxiety symptoms.

Consider Wellington Counseling Group for Anxiety Therapy In Chicago

Wellington Counseling Group not only hires some of the most esteemed mental health providers in Chicago, but we also have access to unmatched psychological testing and assessment resources that help our therapeutic efforts bring the biggest impact.

If you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety, our therapists can and want to help you. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to anxiety therapy in Chicago.