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Grief can present itself after a variety of different experiences, the most common of which being the loss of a loved one. When a loss occurs, most people will experience a period of bereavement where they feel sorrow, sadness, and sometimes even anger. In some cases, these feelings subside with time while others experience chronic feelings of grief. No matter the phase of grief you may be experiencing, talk therapy with a licensed counselor is an appropriate outlet for this normal, human experience.

At Wellington Counseling Group, we take an incredibly supportive approach to grief counseling in Chicago. Let’s dive into how our counselors operate for your benefit.

Understanding The Symptoms Of Grief

There are countless forms of loss. Some experiences that bring about grief in life are less obviously understood as loss. While death and divorce are among the most obvious precipitants of a grief response, big life transitions, like retiring and moving could also be considered losses that may lead to unseen or misunderstood symptoms of grief.

Grief is often confused with depression, but they are not one in the same. Grief often comes in waves and is almost always set off by an event or transition. You can feel just fine one minute and be consumed by sadness the next. In most cases, symptoms of grief will start to subside as time goes on, but some people’s symptoms of sorrow and sadness don’t satisfactorily improve. This is what is known as “complicated grief” in psychological circles - it is persistent and complex bereavement.

Most people are familiar with the five “stages” of grief popularized by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. While these “stages” are relevant in the cycle of grief, this model can be a bit misleading since there is no direct path or timeline that applies to all people in all situations. Rather than focus on a static and confining framework of grief that doesn’t really exist, we focus instead on the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms patients suffering from grief while borrowing from the aspects of this model that apply in a helpful manner. Among the most common experiences we see in mourners are:

  • Agitation or an inability to relax
  • Anger and hostility
  • Depression and despair
  • Unresolved feelings of betrayal, guilt, or responsibility
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Inclination toward or against spiritual solace
  • Withdrawal
  • Weight and appetite changes
  • Suppressed immune system

There are countless other physical and psychological presentations of grief, so counseling is an especially important resource to assist you in identifying less visible triggers and sources of emotional disruption that will help you manage your symptoms and maintain control over your life after loss.

Find Solace Through Grief Counseling in Chicago

Grief counseling is a highly effective tool that helps bereaved individuals navigate their personal path through the grieving process. From person to person and loss to loss, the process of mourning is going to look different. An experienced grief counselor can help patients feel confident riding the waves of grief and finding the acceptance they need to move forward.

How We Approach Grief Counseling At WCG

Grief counseling at Wellington Counseling Group is a two-fold process: we’re going to teach you how to embrace the path of the grieving process, as well as helping you accept the reality of your loss so we can figure out the best way to move forward together.

Our grief counselors are with you every step of the way, so you have a partner to help you navigate the grieving process through the highs and the lows.

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Consider Wellington Counseling Group For Grief Counseling In Chicago

If you’ve recently suffered a loss, whether that’s the death of a loved one, a divorce, loss of a job, or other unexpected calamity in life, grief counseling may be in order. If your loss is preventing you from feeling like you’re in control of your life, contact the grief counselors at Wellington Counseling Group today.