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Navigating the modern workplace as a young woman can be challenging. Coping with unexpected obstacles and setbacks can take a toll on your emotions and can feel discouraging. Fortunately, group therapy sessions can offer a unique opportunity for young women to come together, process their experiences, learn coping skills, support one another, and more. At Wellington Counseling Group, we are proud to offer group therapy for women in Chicago to help you navigate life’s surprises and get the most out of your career and life outside of working.

What Does Group Therapy Look Like at Wellington Counseling Group?

During a group therapy session at WCG, women will have the opportunity to share their experiences and gain insight from others. Our sessions have been designed around creating a safe and supportive environment for participants to express their thoughts and feelings.

In each session, participants will have the chance to discuss their experiences in the modern workplace and any related challenges they may be facing. Our team of therapists will then guide the conversation to help participants process their emotions, gain a better understanding of their experiences, and foster connections between our participants.

In addition to sharing their stories, participants will also build effective coping skills that can be applied in real-world situations throughout their careers.

The goal of these therapy sessions is to empower participants to navigate their experiences in the modern workplace with more confidence and resilience.

Benefits of Group Therapy for Women:

Group therapy has been shown to be an effective form of therapy for a variety of issues. It provides an uplifting space where individuals can individuals can share their stories and struggles while gaining insights from others.

In addition, your participation in group therapy can offer many other benefits, such as:

  • A strong sense of community
  • Experiencing uniquely different perspectives
  • Camaraderie and peer support
  • Building your confidence
  • Enhancing helpful social skills
  • Self-discovery and self-growth

The collective wisdom of the group can provide a sense of validation and understanding that can be difficult to find elsewhere. The shared experience can create a sense of community, which can be especially valuable for those who may feel isolated or alone in their struggles, and can increase accountability among newer members.


If you’re looking for group therapy for women in Chicago, look no further than Wellington Counseling Group! Our group therapy sessions are open to all identifying as women aged 21-32 and is available at our Lakeview location. The group therapy sessions take place in an LGBTQIA+ affirming setting and are facilitated by our Graduate Level Therapists, Cressie Goode and Allison Osmer through a virtual platform.

Both Cressie and Allison are excited to be working with women in the modern workplace and are dedicated to providing a safe and supportive environment for our clients. Our “Young Women in the Workforce Process Group” meets on Tuesday evenings via Google Meet.

Insurance and Fees:

One of the great things about group therapy is that it’s often more affordable than individual therapy. At Wellington Counseling Group, we currently accept Blue Cross Blue Shield/Blue Choice PPO and Aetna PPO insurance for this group therapy experience. We also offer a reduced fee, self-pay option of $20 per session for those without insurance.

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At Wellington, we understand the unique challenges that women face in the modern workplace. Our group therapy practitioners provide a safe and supportive environment for women to process their experiences, learn coping skills, and foster community so you can better navigate the complexities of the modern world and achieve your long-term goals.

If you are interested in learning more about our group therapy offering, please contact us today.

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