Couple's Counseling In Chicago After Infidelity

The dynamic of any romantic relationship is complex. It takes work, sometimes hard work, to come together and take on the various challenges of life as a duo. Overtime , the dynamics of the relationship may change and lead one or both partners to stray from one another. Lack of trust, betrayal, and infidelity are common issues in relationships. Whether the issues relate to sexual or emotional intimacy, it’s often challenging for a couple to overcome these issues alone. Couples counseling can be highly beneficial, regardless of the issues within the relationship, to help all parties learn the best ways to support one another and remain faithful. Let’s discuss what couples counseling in Chicago after infidelity looks like.

Understanding Betrayal and Infidelity

“Betrayal” in relationships is not exclusive to the traditional “cheating” that most people are acquainted with. This factor makes addressing the complex emotional elements of this particular issue especially challenging. Ultimately, when it comes to couples counseling after betrayal or infidelity, our team of couples therapists are focusing on the root of the problem: trust.

In order to reap the benefits of couples counseling in Chicago, all parties have to be open to the idea of doing the work. Our therapists recognize the importance of having everyone come to the table with an open mind. Part of what we do through the process of couples counseling is assessing the value that therapy can bring to all parties. Our goal is to help everyone involved find the tools necessary to feel confident in their connection and to discover the relationship together that can make those parties excited about moving forward in a mutually satisfying way.

Couple's Counseling For Infidelity In Chicago

When a couple comes to our therapists at Wellington Counseling Group with the intent of exploring concerns related to trust, betrayal, or infidelity, the first thing we’ll do is to sit down together. In this initial session, we’ll get to know all the parties in the relationship, gaining a better understanding into who they are and what their goals are. Engaging a therapist necessarily invites a rare vulnerability in people and we want to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident moving forward with our couples counseling specialists when you take that big step.

Next, we’ll typically schedule one-on-one sessions with each partner before coming back together again. These on-on-ones will occur over separate appointment hours so we can get to know the individuals living in the relationship. The goal for this stage of couples therapy is to assess not only commitment to and confidence in the relationship but also the likely viability for couples counseling going forward. As we mentioned, if all parties are not open to the idea of therapy, no one will be able to benefit from the experience.

From there, we’ll schedule subsequent individual and couple's sessions to identify and work through issues related to trust or incidents of betrayal and/or infidelity. We’ll track patterns of behavior to see where and how progress is being made in the development and maintenance of a mutually beneficial relationship.

The WCG Approach To Couple's Counseling For Infidelity

The team approach we employ at Wellington Counseling Group is designed for the benefit of our patients. We want to ensure that everyone who comes to us, regardless of why they might have initially sought out therapy, is able to fully reap all the benefits that compassionate counseling has to offer. A challenge like betrayal or infidelity is no exception. Our couples counselors approach relationship-oriented therapy with a strength and solution-focused mindset. Our goal in therapy is, therefore, not to focus on any one deficit or pathology, as many believe couples counseling does. Rather, we leverage empirical couple’s research, attachment theory, and affective neuroscience to successfully adapt traditional counseling to the needs of the couple.

Consider Wellington Counseling Group for Couple’s Counseling In Chicago

Whether you’re experiencing trust issues in your relationship or there’s been an actual instance of infidelity, it’s worth considering a therapist who specializes in understanding the dynamics of a relationship to help you work through issues related to trust, betrayal, and infidelity.

Wellington Counseling Group’s adaptive approach to couples counseling can help you get back to the root of your relationship and resolve lingering problems that may have felt too tender to touch. Contact our couple’s counselor in Chicago today to learn more about how we can help you find peace in your relationship and confidence moving forward together.