Professional Premarital Counseling In Chicago

Marriage is a major step in a relationship. Often, in the planning of a wedding, the fundamentals of the actual marriage are overshadowed. Premarital counseling is sometimes written off as antiquated or unnecessary, but it’s actually a practice that leads to markedly higher marital satisfaction and a statistically significant decrease in the likelihood of divorce. Premarital counseling is already commonplace for those who are getting married in certain religious traditions, however, more and more couples are dedicating time and energy to this practice, even outside of religious and legal precedent.

Wellington Counseling Group takes premarital counseling very seriously, working with couples from all walks of life to strengthen and enrich their relationship prior to and throughout marriage. Let’s discuss how we’ve transformed the traditional approach to premarital counseling in Chicago so that all couples interested in enhancing their bond can take advantage of the experience.

Consider Marital & Premarital Counseling To Strengthen Your Relationship

Premarital counseling helps uncover the pattern of your relationship so that you can identify the strengths and weaknesses in a safe and comfortable. In the comfort of this space we’ll co-create, all parties are vested in the successful analysis and understanding of one another’s instincts, behaviors, goals, and habits.

The world can take its toll on any relationship, but premarital counseling in Chicago helps couples lay a solid foundation upon which they can build a life together more impervious to the impacts that our society can bring about.

Premarital Counseling In Chicago At Wellington Counseling Group

When a couple seeks out premarital counseling in Chicago at Wellington Counseling Group, we’ll begin with an initial session, if not two, getting to know the couple and their relationship, their hopes and dreams for the future and their currently-known points of difference in that regard. After this initial phase, we’ll schedule a one-on-one appointment with each partner. This allows us to assess commitment to and confidence in the relationship, as well as the likely viability of premarital counseling. Everyone involved needs to be dedicated to the therapy process in order to reap the benefits. These first few appointments will help us determine the most appropriate path forward.

In some cases of premarital counseling, our marriage specialists will recommend the PREPARE/ENRICH assessment. This is an online couple’s inventory that provides a more “objective” global assessment of the couple’s relationship. The results will be sent back to our team for analysis, which will then inform further therapeutic approaches at Wellington Counseling Group.

Our couples counselors approach premarital counseling with a strength and solution-oriented mindset. The value of counseling is rooted in recognizing that each partner has their own unique strengths and quirks and that each of those characteristics speak to the person as a whole. Moreover, our premarital counseling in Chicago works to help couples recognize how those characteristics work together to strengthen and empower a relationship with a future. We leverage empirical couple’s counseling research, attachment theory, and affective neuroscience to adapt our diagnostic approach to the needs of each couple.

Consider Wellington Counseling Group for Premarital Counseling In Chicago

Premarital counseling focuses on fostering strong and healthy relationships that can withstand the test of time and tide. Marriage takes work and our approach to counseling helps you find the most effective ways to work together for a lasting and happy marriage.

If you’re recently engaged or have just gotten married, let Wellington Counseling Group wish you our congratulations. If you’re interested in strengthening your bond for a satisfactory and long-lasting partnership in marriage, contact WCG today to learn more about our premarital counseling in Chicago.